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Self built solar photovoltaic system guide

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Self built solar photovoltaic system guide

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What do you want to do if you need to install a home solar power system that can generate electricity in your own home? Then come to a homemade bar, after the house will never power!PV system

To install a power generation system is very simple, mainly need five things:
1 solar stent (mounting system)
2 solar panels (solar panels)
The 3 cable (cables)
4 photovoltaic inverter (inverter solar)
5 Power Grid Corp is responsible for the installation of metering meters (Meter)
Here explain photovoltaic inverter: through the solar panels power is DC, household electrical appliances can not be directly used must be through the inverter transformation for alternating current to household.
Next, it is necessary to consider the system's design, due to a home system installed capacity (maximum input) general in about 1-5 kW, the system design and installation are simple and inverter are installed capacity according to the corresponding choice 1-5 kW specifications of the machine can be.

Below with a 5KW of the home system as an example:
1 choice of stents
The solar photovoltaic system is a special support for the design of solar photovoltaic power generation system in order to display, install and fix the solar panel. General material has aluminum alloy, stainless steel, after hot dip galvanized treatment, the service life is longer. Support is mainly divided into two categories: fixed and automatic tracking. The current market on the part of the fixed bracket can also make some adjustments according to seasonal changes in the sun's rays, just like when you just installed, inclined plane of each solar panel can by moving the fasteners, adjusting the slope to meet the light of different angles by once again tightening the solar battery board accurately fixed on the specified location. The automatic tracking type solar energy bracket is provided with a rotating device, which can adjust the angle of the sun with the rotation of the sun, and the utilization rate of the light energy is high, but the relative cost is relatively high. In the domestic, installing solar panels general South, the user can choose to use a fixed stand, if do not consider the cost, sunflower automatic tracking sun bracket is a good choice.
2 choice of solar panels (components)
At present, the solar cells on the market are divided into amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Where the crystal silicon can be divided into polysilicon and single crystal silicon. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the three materials is: single crystal silicon (up to 17%) > polysilicon (15% ~ 12) > amorphous silicon (about 5%). Crystalline silicon (single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon) under weak light basically no current generation, amorphous silicon weak light good (in weak light energy is very little). Therefore, it is appropriate to use a single crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell materials, but also consider the price of silicon material is expensive, so the general selection of polysilicon materials. If the choice of power is about 250W of polycrystalline silicon solar panels, then a 5KW system requires 20 batteries.
3 inverter selection
First consider the orientation of the solar panels, if laying towards the components is not consistent. For example: home always is the south, but can in the southwest or southeast, if at the same time under the arrangement in two directions, it is recommended to use dual MPPT tracking of inverter (dual-mppt), temporary can be understood as the dual core processor, each a nuclear processing calculation of a direction. And then according to the installed capacity to select the same size of the inverter can be. A 5kW system can choose to use a 5kW dual MPPT inverter tracking, solid Dewei photovoltaic inverter have a 5kW dual MPPT tracking of inverter, and it is very suitable for the household rooftop solar system. In addition, the photovoltaic inverter is also developed and produced 1-4.6KW single-phase single circuit, 3.6-4.6 single-phase dual circuit, 4-6KW small three-phase dual circuit, 10-30KW three-phase dual inverter, can meet the different size of the home roof solar power generation system.
4 cable selection

In the above said, the inverter is generated by solar panels convert DC to AC, then we will be solar panels to the inverter DC side part is known as the DC (DC) side, DC side need to use photovoltaic special DC cable (DC cable). In addition, photovoltaic applications, the solar system is often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as strong ultraviolet, ozone, severe temperature changes and chemical erosion, etc.. This provides the photovoltaic cable must have the best wind and rain resistance, ultraviolet and ozone resistance, and can withstand a wide range of temperature changes. So it is recommended to use a dedicated solar application cable, which will affect the life of the entire system. A 5KW system for photovoltaic DC cable diameter is generally 4mm2 or 6mm2.
5 Power Grid Corp is responsible for the installation of metering meters (two-way electric meter)
The two-way metering electricity meter is the electric energy meter which can measure electricity and power generation. Electric power and energy is directed, from the viewpoint of electric, electricity for positive energy power or charged, and power for negative power or charged to, the meter can be through the screen read positive power and negative power and power data storage. Install bidirectional ammeter is due to a photovoltaic electricity there cannot all be user consumption, and the rest of the electricity to need to lose to the grid, the meter would need a digital measurement; electricity in photovoltaic power generation can not meet the demand needs to use the grid, which in turn requires gauge another digital, ordinary single electric meter can not reach the requirements, so use with two-way metering function of smart meters.
After purchasing, because household wiring and system design is simple, ordinary users just need to find a qualified electrician to solve the problem of the home wiring, retaining bracket at a 45 degree angle (if you do not consider the cost can choose automatic tracking sun bracket). As for inverter connected as long as reference manual on the line.
A system is installed, the payback period of investment should be the owners are most concerned about. A systematic analysis of the income, need to consider the owner occupied several electric power over the Internet and government subsidy etc.. Distributed nationwide PV subsidy standard is 0.42 yuan / kWh, a period of 20 years, in addition to all the provinces and cities also have different levels of subsidies for photovoltaic power generation.
XX Philip solar photovoltaic technology Co. Ltd focus on photovoltaic system, quality engineering quality, the shortest period of time to recover the cost, dedicated to providing you with better service.
If the family has their own gardens by the swimming pool or high-tech farm what can choose household system a 10-20KW, usually 20kW system needs about 80 250W solar panels, a 20 kW three-phase dual inverter connection. At this time inverter connection will phase contrast is complicated, you need to find a professional system integrators, considering the wiring, combined with an inverter port, around the weather and other factors to design and completion of construction. If the system installed in the city of Shanghai, then the individual users can enjoy a subsidy of 0.4 yuan / kWh, for a period of 5 years. A 5KW system, the cost is about 50 thousand yuan, the annual generating capacity of up to 7000 degrees. According to the Shanghai city state subsidies and local subsidies, the owners can get around 5740 yuan / year in the first 5 years, after 15 years only enjoy state subsidies, 2940 yuan a year. Expected home electricity a year is about 4500 degrees, in accordance with the peak price 0.617 yuan / kWh calculation, the annual electricity savings of 2776.5 yuan.
Due to power system volume has more than electricity, the user can to sell excess electricity to the state, because around the coal desulfurization price are inconsistent, estimated Shanghai desulfurized coal electricity price of about 0.42 yuan / kWh, then the annual income for 1050 yuan, comprehensive counted. Five years ago system revenue for the year 9566.5 yuan, then 15 year 6766.5 yuan, after a year 3826.5 yuan, the whole system is expected to in the six years recover cost investment, and achieve profitability.
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