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Packaging technology and technology of silicon solar cells

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Packaging technology and technology of silicon solar cells

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The technical process is suitable for adopting the silicon solar cell assembly with EVA lamination. Component connection box

一、 Main equipment and raw materials

1 main equipment
(1) CYY 2600P type vacuum laminating machine a
(2) curing furnace
The 2 main raw materials
(1) toughened glass
Thickness of 3.2mm + 0.3. The performance of toughened should conform to the contract standard: GB GB9535-88 ground with silicon solar battery component environmental test methods specified performance are achieved in the impact performance of GB9963-88 or packaging components; in general, light transmission rate should be higher than 90%; cleanliness requirements, for tempering had not been contaminated glass, available non-woven fabrics to wipe glass surface, as has been contaminated glass, application neutral wash agent or organic solution cleaning surface. For the package of glass shall not have water vapor, dust, grease, or other contaminants and operation shall not be hand contact with the glass surface.

(2) EVA
Thickness 0.3~0.6mm, smooth surface, uniform thickness, containing crosslinking agent and to cross-linking in the curing temperature of 150 DEG C to form a stable layer.
(3) TPT
Thickness of 0.17, the longitudinal shrinkage rate of no more than 1.5% for packaging of TPT shall have at least three layer structure: an outer protective layer PVF has a good ability to resist environmental erosion, the middle layer is polyester film has good insulation performance, inner PVF need by surface treatment and EVA has good bonding properties. Package with Tedlar must keep clean, no dirt or moisture, especially the core layer shall not direct contact with fingers, so as not to affect the bonding strength of EVA.
(4) junction box
The junction box shall be made of PPO engineering plastic injection molding, and added with anti aging and anti ultraviolet radiation agent, can ensure that the component in the outdoor use for more than 25 years does not appear aging cracking phenomenon. The connecting column should be made of the high conductive electrolytic copper of the outer nickel plating layer, which can ensure the reliability of the electric conduction and the electric connection. The junction box is bonded on the TPT surface with a silicone rubber, and is fixed on the aluminum frame with screws, and has a water sealing performance.
(5) the Internet bar
Interconnected by high conductivity copper made and covered with a layer of uniform and bright Sn Pb solder, interconnected in series for a specification is 2mm * 0.1mm, bus specification is 5mm * 0.15mm.
(6) aluminum alloy frame
The frame should be made using LD31 hard Aluminum Alloy, surface oxidation layer thickness is greater than 10 m. The frame for the package should be no deformation, no scratches on the surface.
(7) other parts
For fixed aluminum frame, the junction box of the self tapping screws, surfaces shall be galvanized or chrome plated protection, special circumstances should be adopted the stainless steel screw.

二、technological process
The process for assembling monolayer glass TPT packaging composite plate and double glass package combination plate should be slightly changed.

Packaging process

PV system

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Two, the appearance of components inspection standards
The 1 component surface should be free of cracks, defects, scratches, bubbles, oil.
2 Internet bars, bus arrangement is neat, do not change color, not broken.
The 3 monomer battery and series parallel solder joints. And desoldering and fragmentation.
4 sealing material should be no delamination, discoloration phenomenon, layer should be no visual bubbles.
5 back should be clean, no cracks. Between the aluminum frame and the application of Tedlor EVA with no visible diaspora, gap.
6 the junction box should be firmly bonded with Tedlor, no visible cracks, to prevent water from entering the. The junction box is fixed on the aluminum frame with screws. In the junction box, the component "+, -" leads to identify clearly and accurately, and the connection is firm.
7 aluminum frame should be straight, without burr, the surface oxide layer has no obvious phenomenon of large area.
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