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How to design a small household solar power generation system

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How to design a small household solar power generation system

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How to design a small household solar power generation system  

Small household solar power generation system is the use of solar panels to power generation, to provide home appliances load. Clean, permanent and so on.光伏连接器

System overview:

1, applicable environment: the field, large and medium sized residential / access difficult residential (desirable city area is not recommended installation, or the installation of complementary electricity)
2, system configuration of high quality monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar panels, and supporting the free maintenance of solar energy battery, PV grid inverter and charge discharge protection function of computer controller from, designed to city electric / photovoltaic system intelligent switching function. Controller LCD screen / indicator light display, beautiful appearance, safe and efficient.
3, maintenance is simple, the service life of up to more than 20 years, a variety of charging methods are complementary, solar energy and electricity can be charged to the system.

Household solar power generation system is divided into off grid power generation system and grid connected power generation system:
1, off grid power generation system. Mainly by the solar cell components, controller, battery composition, if you want to supply power for the AC load, but also need to configure the AC inverter. Through the solar panels to the battery charge, can be in no light and rainy weather to the home load power supply.
2, grid connected power generation system is the generation of solar module DC power through the grid connected inverter to meet the requirements of the AC power grid after the direct access to public power grid. Grid connected power generation system has centralized large-scale grid connected power station is generally a national power station, the main feature is that the power generation can be transmitted directly to the power grid, the power supply to the user by the unified deployment of the power grid. But this power plant investment, construction cycle is long, covers an area of large, it is relatively difficult to develop. The distributed small grid connected power generation system, especially the photovoltaic building integrated power generation system, due to the advantages of small investment, fast construction, small area, large policy support, is the mainstream of grid connected power generation system.
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Small household solar power generation system consists of solar cells, solar controller, battery (Group). Such as the output power for the AC 110V or 220V, you also need to configure the inverter.
Solar panels
The solar cell panel is the core part of a small household solar power generation system, and the function of the solar panel is to convert the solar energy into electric energy and the output DC power is stored in the battery. Solar panel is one of the most important parts in small household solar power generation system. The conversion rate and service life are the important factors to determine whether the solar cell has the use value.
Raw material characteristics:

 Battery: high efficiency (more than 16.5%) of the solar chip package, to ensure adequate power generation of solar panels.
Glass: the low iron tempered Velour glass (also known as clear glass), thickness of 3.2mm, in the wavelength range of solar cell spectral response (320-1100nm) pervious to light rate was 91%, for more than 1200 nm infrared light with high reflectivity. This glass and solar radiation resistant to UV light, light transmittance is not decreased.
EVA: the with the thickness of the anti UV agent, antioxidant and curing agent is 0.78 quality EVA film as solar battery sealant and glass, TPT between coupling agent. Has a high transmittance and anti aging ability.
TPT: on the back of the solar cell cover - fluorine plastic film and white, the sunlight reflection, so the component efficiency increased slightly, and because of its high infrared emission rate, reduce the working temperature of the components, but also conducive to improve assembly efficiency. Of course, this is the first film of fluorine plastic packaging materials required by the solar cell aging resistance, corrosion resistance, air permeability and other basic requirements.
Frame: Aluminum Alloy frame used with high strength, impact resistance ability. The highest value is small household solar power system. Its role is to the sun's radiation is converted to electrical energy stored in batteries or sent to them, or to promote the work load.
Solar controller
Main features:
1, the use of microcontroller and dedicated software, realizes intelligent control;
2, the battery discharge rate characteristic correction accuracy and discharge control. Final discharge voltage is controlled by the discharge point correction rate curve, eliminate the simple voltage control over discharge inaccuracy, accord with the inherent characteristics of batteries, i.e. different discharge rate with different end voltage.
3, with over charge and discharge, electrical short circuit, overload protection, unique anti reverse protection automatic control; protection above are not damage any parts, fuse;
4, using the series PWM main circuit of the charging device, the charging circuit voltage loss compared with the charging circuit of the diode cut nearly in half, charging efficiency compared with non PWM high 3% - 6%, increase the power of the time; over discharge recovery charge, normal recharge, float automatic control mode makes the system by the longer service life; at the same time with high precision temperature compensation;
5, intuitive LED luminous tube to indicate the current status of the battery, so that users understand the use of the situation;
6, all the control of industrial grade chips (only with I industrial grade controller), can be in the cold, high temperature, wet environment to run freely. At the same time, the use of the crystal timing control, precise timing control.
7, cancel the potentiometer to adjust the control set points, and the use of the e side memory record each control point, the settings in digital, eliminating the because of the potentiometer vibration displacement and temperature drift control point errors degrade the accuracy and reliability of the factors;
8, the use of LED digital display and setting, one button operation can be completed all settings, use very convenient intuitive role is to control the working status of the whole system, and the battery over charge protection, over discharge protection role. In the larger temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. Other additional features such as optical switch, when the switch should be optional controller;
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Battery is the role of light in the solar panels will be issued by the electric energy stored up, and then released when needed. Solar battery is' battery 'in solar photovoltaic power generation applications, with maintenance free lead-acid batteries, ordinary lead-acid batteries, gel batteries and alkaline nickel cadmium batteries. The widely used solar battery is mainly: maintenance free lead-acid battery and colloid and the battery, because of its inherent free maintenance of properties and less polluting to the environment characteristics, it is suitable for solar power system for reliable performance, especially the unattended workstations.
The direct output of solar energy in general are 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. In order to provide power to the 220VAC appliance, need to be issued by the exchange of DC small household solar power system can be converted into electrical energy, so need to use the DC-AC inverter.
Design of small household solar power system factors need to be considered:
1, small household solar power system where to use? How about the solar radiation?

2, how much is the load power of the system?
3, the output voltage of the system is how much, DC or AC?
4, the system needs to work every day how many hours?
5, if there is no sunlight exposure of the rainy weather, the system needs to continuously supply the number of days?
6, load, pure resistive, capacitive or inductive, large starting current?
7, the number of system requirements.
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