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Solar street lighting design

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Solar street lighting design

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  Solar energy street lamp to solar energy, charge during the day at night to use, without the need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the lighting layout,, energy saving, safety and no pollution, no need manual operation is stable and reliable, saving electricity maintenance free.
1 system.
System consists of solar battery component part (including stent), LED lamp, a control box (within a controller and a storage battery) and lamp which is composed of a; XXXX solar panels light efficiency reached 127Wp/m2, efficiency is high, the wind resistant design of the system is very beneficial; lamp holder part to 1W-5W white light LED and 1W-5W yellow light LED integrated on a printed circuit board arranged for the lattice spacing as a planar light emitting source.
Control box with stainless steel, beautiful and durable; the control box placed maintenance free lead-acid battery charge and discharge controller. This system adopts a valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery, due to its low maintenance, so it is also called "maintenance free batteries", is conducive to system maintenance cost is reduced; charge and discharge controller in the design of both the full-featured (with optical control, time control, charging protection, over discharging protection and reverse connection protection) and cost control, to achieve a very high price.
XXXX new energy-saving lamps Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED lamps.
2 working principle
System working principle is simple, use light born volts effect principle to produce solar day panels receive solar radiant energy and transformed into electrical energy output, after charge and discharge controller is stored in batteries, night when the illumination decreased gradually to about 10lux, solar panels open circuit voltage of 4.5V about, charge and discharge controller to detect the voltage value action, battery on the LED lamp discharge. After 8.5 hours of battery discharge, charge and discharge controller action, the battery discharge end. The main function is to protect the battery charge and discharge controller.
3 design ideas
The design of XXXX solar street lamps compared with general solar lighting, the same basic principle, but the need to consider more factors. The following will be the solar LED street lamp XXXX, for example, is divided into several aspects analysis.
1XXXX solar cell module selection
Design requirements: Ji'nan area, the load input voltage 24V power 34.5W, the number of hours of work per day 8.5H, to ensure that the number of consecutive rainy days 7 days.
The Ji'nan area in the past twenty years the average annual amount of radiation 107.7Kcal/cm2, after a simple calculation in Ji'nan peak sunshine hours is about 3.424h;
The load on power consumption = = 12.2AH
The required XXXX components of total solar charging current = 1.05 * 12.2 * (3.424 * 0.85) =5.9A.
Here, the design of the shortest number of days between two consecutive rainy days is 20 days, 1.05 of the solar cell component system integrated loss coefficient, 0.85 for the battery charging efficiency.
The minimum total power solar module number = 17.2 x 5.9 = 102W  

Selection of peak output power 110Wp, single block 55Wp standard battery components, should be able to ensure that the LED street lamp system in most cases the normal operation of a year. Product parameters:]

  *Main material: pole for the whole steel structure, overall hot galvanizing / spray treatmentWaterproof junction box  

*Solar cell components: crystalline silicon 15-80WP (by load configuration)

  *System operating voltage: DC 24V - 12V

  *Controller: controller of solar street lamp, light and time control, intelligent control (dark dawn light lamp from open, self extinguishing)

  *Energy storage battery: full closed maintenance free lead-acid storage battery 80Ah - 12V17Ah (according to the load configuration)

  *Light source type: energy saving high power integrated LED, rare earth high efficiency energy saving lamp (can be configured according to customer's requirement)  *Protection level: IP65

  *Use temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees, wind resistance is more than 150Km/h  *Lighting time: 4 ~ 14 hours (can be adjusted according to need)

  *Pole height: 2 meters to 4 meters (can be produced according to customer requirements)

  *Rainy days guarantee: can work continuously 4~5 rainy days (regional / seasonal difference) (according to customer requirements of production)

  This product without the need for laying underground cables, without payment of the lighting electricity, solar street light, the key component of solar panels, solar LED street lamp intelligent controller, free maintenance battery and a lighting lamp are through the national development and Reform Commission /GEF/ World Bank photovoltaic products certification. Mainly used for city roads, squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, the park green belt and other places of lighting.
All the products we produced are in accordance with the standard strict implementation of material inspection, process inspection, oqc, to ensure that customers receive satisfactory products, the company has a perfect pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service system, everywhere for your interests, realize one to one service.
4 battery type selection
Solar power supply system, battery performance directly affects the system cost and operation quality and service life, compared to the scheme using the latest achievements of storage can colloid battery, and ordinary lead-acid battery, it in the design and manufacturing process have the following prominent features:
The service life is long, and the service life is five to ten years under normal condition.
The use of suitable positive and negative electrode alloy formula and active material ratio, so that the battery is more suitable for storage battery cycle charge, discharge the use of characteristics.
Colloidal electrolyte design, effectively inhibit active substance removal of rust and plate sulfation phenomenon, thus delaying the battery in use in the process of performance decline down. Greatly improves the battery's deep charge and discharge cycle life.
Using the four generation LED street lighting products.
LED street lamp light source advantage
High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, low working temperature.
Safety and reliability.
Fast response unit, small volume, green environmental protection.
Under the same brightness, the power consumption is one tenth of the incandescent lamp, one third of the fluorescent lamp, and life is incandescent lamp 50 times, 20 times of the fluorescent lamp is following the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, gas discharge lamp after the fourth generation lighting products.
A single high-power ultra bright LED is the advent of LED applications to efficient lighting market as possible, will be human after Edison invented the incandescent lamp after one of the greatest inventions.
Support 5 battery components
1) angle
In order to make the solar radiation solar modules in a year can receive as much as possible, we want to select a best angle for solar cell assembly.
Study on solar cell components of the best angle of the problem, in recent years in some academic journals appear a lot. The lamp area Changsha area, according to the design reference data in the selected [1], solar battery components support the inclination of 45o.
2) wind resistant design
In the solar streetlight system, structure a need to attach great importance to the problem is the wind resistant design. The wind resistant design is mainly divided into two parts, a battery component support wind resistant design, wind resistant design the pole. The following more than two blocks were analyzed. The wind resistant design of bracket of solar cell module
On the basis of the technical parameters data of battery components manufacturers, solar battery components can withstand the wind pressure is 2700Pa. If the wind resistance coefficient is selected as 27m/s (equivalent to ten typhoons), according to the non viscous fluid mechanics, pressure cell components bear only 365Pa. Therefore, the component itself is the wind speed can withstand 27m/s without damaging the. Therefore, in the design of the key consideration is to connect the battery and lamp holder bracket assembly.
In the design of a LED lighting system in battery assembly bracket and pole connection design using bolt fixed connection.
The wind resistant design of solar street lamp post
The following parameters of the lamp:

 Battery plate angle A = 45o pole height = 5m
The design selects the bottom weld width of the bottom diameter of delta = 4mm = 168mm
Is that pole failure surface of weld. The failure surface resistance moment calculation of W P to the battery plate load by F line pole distance
PQ = /tan16o] (168+6) [5000+ * Sin16o = 1545mm=1.545m. So, the wind load on the poles on the role of failure surface moment M = F x 1.545.
According to the design of 27m/s maximum wind speed, the basic load of 2 * 30W head lamp solar street lamp panels for 730N. Considering the safety factor of 1.3, F = 1.3 x 730 = 949N.
So, M = F x 1.545 = 949 x 1.545 = 1466N.m.
According to the mathematical derivation, circular failure surface resistance moment W = pi * (3R2 + 3R + delta delta delta 2, 3).
In the above formula, R is the inner diameter of the ring and the width of the ring.
Resistance moment W = pi * failure surface (3R2 + 3R + delta delta delta 2, 3)
X = pi (x 842 x 3 x 84 x 43 4243) = 88768mm3
=88.768 * m3.
The stress of wind load on the failure surface is = M/W
1466/ = (88.768 * 10-6) =16.5 * 106pa =16.5 Mpa < 215Mpa
Among them, 215 Q235 is the bending strength of Mpa steel.
So, the weld width design selected to meet the requirements, as long as the welding quality can be guaranteed, the wind pole is no problem.
6 controller
The main function of the solar charge and discharge controller is to protect the battery. The basic function must have overcharge protection, over discharge protection, light control, time control and anti reverse etc..
Battery charge, over discharge protection voltage general parameters such as table
1) when the battery voltage reaches the set value, it changes the state of the circuit.
In the selection of devices, there are by single chip microcomputer, the comparator, lots of the solutions, the characteristics and advantages of should according to the customer demand characteristics of the selected corresponding scheme. This is not the one in detail.
2) surface treatment
The series of products using the new electrostatic coating technology, based on FP professional building materials paint, can satisfy the customer on the product surface color and environment coordination requirements, products are also high in self cleanness, strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance for in any climate. Design process for Hot Dip Zn based coating, product performance greatly improved, can meet the requirements of the most stringent AAMA2605.2005 and other indicators have reached or exceeded GB requirements.
7 Summary
XXXX Solar Energy Ltd independent research and development and production of solar LED street lamp, solar energy (no pole lamp) street lamp, solar energy wind energy complementary street lamp. Is a professional manufacturer of LED street lamp, in the design, research and development, production of solar LED street lamp breaks through the solar street lamp common three problems (high power, the LED light decay fast, no power output) and other serious impact street lamps cost and efficiency problems. Greatly reduces the cost and increases the life of the service. More long-term after-sales service and quality assurance to promote the work of solar street lamps, energy conservation and further development of the cause. Following is the company solar street lamp design: largely considering all aspects of the overall design; is currently the most common design method was used in PV module watts peak number selection design and battery capacity selection and design, design idea of scientific; wind resistant design from the battery assembly bracket and the lamp post two analysis, comprehensive analysis and comparison of; surface treatment using the most advanced technology; street light the overall structure is simple and beautiful; after the actual operation prove the link between good match.
At present, the initial investment cost of solar LED street lamp is still a major problem that puzzles us. However, XXXX solar light efficiency in the gradual increase, while the price will gradually decrease, the same market LED light efficiency in the fast increase, while the price is lower. Compared with the XXXX solar energy, clean and non polluting and LED's environmental protection and energy saving, conventional fossil energy is becoming more and more serious, and the environment will cause more and more serious pollution. So XXXX solar LED street lamp as a kind of burgeoning outdoor lighting, reveals to us will be infinite vitality and broad prospects, recently according to the market demand to provide such technical training, solar technology training services.
Solar street lamp:
Conventional calculation in design of solar street lamp
With the increasing shortage of traditional energy sources, the application of solar energy will become more and more widely, especially in the field of solar power generation in a short period of time has developed into a mature sunrise industry.
1: the current constraints one of the most important link in the application of solar energy power generation is the price, to solar energy street lamp a lamp double circuit as an example, two load for a total of 60 watt, (in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River area effective optical intensity 4.5h/, 7 hours per night discharge, increasing panels 20% reserve calculation of the amount of) the battery plate requires about 160W, calculated by 18 yuan per watt, panels cost to 2880 yuan, plus about 180Ah batteries cost also in about 1800, street lamps throughout the one-time investment cost is much higher than city lamp circuit, caused by the solar street lighting applications in the field of the main bottle neck.
2: the service life of the battery should also be considered in the whole system of street lamp, battery warranty for three years or five years, but generally battery in a year, even after half a year there will be charging dissatisfaction, some actual charging rate may decreased to about 50%, which will affect the continuous overcast and rainy days during the night lighting, so choose a good battery is particularly important.

  3: some engineering companies often choose LED lights do for the solar street lamp lighting, but led light quality is uneven, the serious decay led in the first half of the year have may attenuate the 50% light intensity. So we must choose LED lamp light slower.
4: controller of choice often is engineering companies ignore a problem, the quality of the controller layer is uneven, the 12V/10A controller market price in the 100-200 yuan range, although it is part of the minimum value in the whole street lamp system, but it is very important one link. Controller quality directly affect the solar streetlight system component life and the whole system of procurement cost. A: should choose the low power consumption of the controller, the controller (24 hours uninterrupted work, such as its own power larger, it will consume some energy, the best choice of power consumption on the 1 Ma (MA) following controller. To select charging high efficiency controller, with MCT charging mode controller can automatically track the maximum current of the battery plate, especially in winter or periods of insufficient illumination, MCT charging mode increased the efficiency of 20%. Three: should choose has two power regulating controller, with power regulating controller has been widely promoted and few pedestrians at night time can be automatically shut down one or two lighting, save electricity, but also for the LED lamp for power regulation. In addition to the above choice power saving function, should also pay attention to the controller on the components of the battery protection function, like a trickle charge mode controller can protect the battery, increase the battery life, another set of controller undervoltage protection value, try to under voltage protection value adjustment was more than or equal to Volts, to prevent over discharge the battery.
A 5: far away from the city where should also pay attention to the security work, many contractors for construction of negligence, there is no effective anti-theft, resulting in battery, solar panels and other components is stolen, not only affects the normal lighting, but also caused unnecessary property loss. The engineering case stolen most of the battery, the battery buried in the ground with cement pouring is a kind of effective security measures, on the lamp post
On the installation of the battery box is the best welding reinforcement.
6: controller of waterproof, the controller is generally installed in the lampshade, a battery box, generally will not fill with water, but in the practical engineering case terminal controller connecting line often because of rain along the connecting line into the controller caused by a short circuit. So in construction should pay attention to the internal connection wire bent into a "U" shape and solid type, external connection line can also fixed for the "U" type, so that rain water can not be poured into the controller caused by short circuit, also in internal and external line interface smearing waterproof glue.
7: in the practical application of various solar energy street lamp, in many parts of the solar street lamp can not meet the normal lighting needs, especially in the rainy days, more prominent, in addition to the use of the relevant component of poor quality, another main reason is blindly reduce component costs, not according to the needs of the design configuration, reducing the panels and batteries using standard, resulting in rainy tin road lamp cannot provide lighting. The following provides the calculation formula of solar panels and batteries:
First calculate the current:
Such as: 12V battery system; 30W lights 2, a total of 60 watts.
Current = 60W / 12V = 5 A
Two: calculate the battery capacity needs:
Such as: street light every night the cumulative lighting time required for full load for 7 hours (H);
(such as the evening 8:00 open, night 11:30 closed 1 road, 4:30 open 2 Road, 5:30 in the early hours of the morning closed)
Need to meet the continuous rainy day 5 days of lighting needs. (5 days plus rainy day night lighting, 6 days)
Battery = 5A * 7h * (5 + 1) = 5A * 42h = 210 days AH
In order to prevent the battery from overcharge and overdischarge of battery charging, generally up to 90%; the remaining 20% or so discharge.
So 210AH is only about 70% of the real standard application.
Three: calculate the peak demand of the battery board (WP):
Street lights each night time required for a total of 7 hours (H);
B: the average panel received daily effective light for 4.5 hours (H);
Minimum set aside to relax the requirement of battery board 20%.
WP / 17.4V = (5A * 7h * 4.5H 120%).
WP / 17.4V = 9.33
WP = 162 (W)
* 4.5H: daily illumination time was near the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River sunshine coefficient.
Also in the solar street lamp assembly, line loss, the controller of the loss, and ballast or constant current power source have different practical application in May at about 5% - 25%. So 162W is just a theoretical value, according to the actual situation needs to be increased.
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