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1000W Solar photovoltaic system

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1000W Solar photovoltaic system

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In our parents' era, is the lamp, the fuel used is medium oil, fathers called kerosene, new words, listen to their parents about this stuff is imported. Later, the home. The full range of time to enter the era of electricity.

This is a contributor and industrial growth, grew up together, marry and settle down, fatherhood. Outside in the drift, heard at once, the solar power, so they tried to enter the industry, how to understand the solar energy into electrical energy. Understand solar power generation is the use of solar battery components directly into electrical energy device. Solar cell module (solar cells) is the electronic properties of semiconductor materials to realize the conversion of P-V solid device, in the majority of local power network, the device can be conveniently implemented in user lighting and power, some developed countries also and regional power grid to achieve complementarity. At present from the perspective of civil, in the study of foreign technical tends to be mature and industry begun to take the "photovoltaic building (lighting) integration technology, and major domestic research production for small solar power generation system used in areas without electricity lighting and family.

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Here to share the company's latest products, 1KW photovoltaic power generation system. Can be used in the area of non electricity, high altitude areas, with such a small lighting, summer electric fans and other work is more practical.

As long as the 36V equipped with a solar panel and integrated control box can be achieved.


Solar module and solar system integrated machine 1000W, such as the image above;


1000W photovoltaic system is equipped with AC AC output, DC output and USB output.


On the back side of the solar panel plug directly into the 1000W solar system host can be sent to the 1000W solar system power transmission of the solar panel power. As long as the sun can work properly.


Figure R4 connector with the plug can be, the sun can automatically work.

Below is the internal structure of the 1KW solar system.


Flashing pictures after the work instructions. As follows:


So simple to use. As long as you want, you will do it. Get up and get a green low-carbon solar power system to send their parents to support their retirement. (NPC and CPPCC have been proposed, do not send gifts to send sent white Jin, a solar power system, beautiful old security).

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