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Generation principle of photovoltaic system

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Generation principle of photovoltaic system

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  Today to introduce to you is the principle of photovoltaic system:

PV system

  If the light is irradiated on the solar cell and the light is absorbed at the interface layer, the photons with sufficient energy can be excited by the covalent bond between the P type silicon and the N type silicon, resulting in the electron hole pair. Electrons and holes near the interface layer will be separated from each other by the electric field of space charge before recombination. Electrons to the positively charged N area and P area movement hole to the negatively charged. Charge separated by the interface layer, the P and N areas will be generated between the outside of the test voltage. At this time can be on both sides of the silicon wafer with the electrode and access voltage table. For crystalline silicon solar cells, the typical value of open circuit voltage is 0.5 ~ 0.6V. The more electron hole pairs generated at the interface layer, the larger the current is. The more light energy absorbed by the interface layer, the greater the area of the interface layer, the greater the current formed in the solar cell.

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