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Home photovoltaic system

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Home photovoltaic system

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working principle:

Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that converts light energy directly into electrical energy by using the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor interface. The key element of this technology is solar cell. The solar cell after seriesafter encapsulate protection can form large areas of solar cell module, coupled with the power controller and other components formed photovoltaic power generation device.

System classification:

PV system is divided into independent photovoltaic system, grid connected photovoltaic power generation system and distributed photovoltaic power generation system.

System composition:

Photovoltaic power generation system is composed of solar array, battery, charge and discharge controller, inverter, AC power distribution cabinet, solar tracking control system and other equipment. Part of the device is the role of:

Battery matrix

In the light of the (whether it is sunlight, or other luminous body of light), the battery light energy absorption, heterocharge accumulation appears between the two poles of the battery, that produce light induced voltage ", this is the" light voltaic effect. " Under the action of the photovoltaic effect, the two ends of the solar cell generate electromotive force, which converts light energy into electric energy, and is a device for energy conversion. The solar cell is generally silicon cell, which is divided into three kinds of silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cells.

Battery pack

The function is to store the electric energy of the solar cell array and can supply power to the load at any time when the solar array is illuminated by the light. Solar power generation, the basic requirements of the battery is: A. low self discharge rate; B. the use of long life; C. deep discharge ability; D. high charging efficiency; e. less maintenance or maintenance free; F. wide working temperature range; g. price low.


Device capable of automatically preventing battery from charging and discharging. Because the number of cycle charge and discharge and the discharge depth are the important factors to determine the service life of the battery, so it is necessary to control the battery charge and discharge controller.


Is a device for converting DC to AC. Because the solar cells and batteries are DC power supply,

While the load is AC load, the inverter is essential. Inverter by way of operation, can be divided into independent operation of the inverter and grid connected inverter. Independent operation of the inverter for the independent operation of the solar cell power generation system, for independent load power supply. Grid connected inverter for grid connected solar cell power generation system. Inverter according to the output waveform can be divided into square wave inverter and sine wave inverter. Fang Bo inverter circuit is simple, low cost, but the harmonic component is large, generally used for a few hundred watts and the system is not high harmonic. Sine wave inverter cost is high, but can be applied to a variety of load.


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